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Romario’s Resume

My resume is an ongoing work in progress. It is frequently updated as I continue to grow and learn new skills. I also write about my digital marketing experiences and create content on LinkedIn and my personal blog (PPC Notebook) for you to enjoy.

Why you should hire me?

Let’s Take Your Digital Marketing Activity To The Next Level ????

5+ Years Experience

I’ve spent over half a decade perfecting my approach/framework and keeping up with the trends. In short, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Performance Based Pricing

You’ll pay a flat monthly retainer plus a % of the return on ad spend (profit) so we are aligned to make you money.

First Class Service

I only serve a small number of clients. That means your campaigns and concerns get my full attention, always.

Ready To Get Started With PPC?

I have helped numerous companies worldwide maximize their growth, lead generation, and ROI – I can do the same for yours!